Wrap your breasts in cabbage leaves and Wait for 1 hour

Can I ask you something? Ladies and gentlemen, were you aware that lots of girls in European and American nations are using this amazing and incredibly beneficial method (cabbage leaves breasts)?

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Wrap your breasts in cabbage leaves and Wait for 1 hour

The solution is YES, a lot of women put cabbage leaves on their breasts. Have a peek at the post below and discover more about this particular method.

Cabbage leaves are utilized to decrease breast swelling and alleviate the pain and distress that breast feeding a baby can trigger. This way is also quite beneficial in soothing the pain and anxiety brought on by sporting an embarrassing bra.

According to the specialists, cabbage leaves possess exactly the very same properties as magnets — they also extract all of the diseases and disorders out of our bodies. This implies that if you’re breastfeeding and you place cold cabbage leaves right onto your breasts, it is not just soothing, but it might help relieve your breast swelling and pain.


Place the cabbage in the fridge for 1 hour.
If it is cold enoughpeel the outer coating of leaves, and toss them off.
Pull two of the internal leaves to utilize.
Wash these two internal leaves in cold water.
Note: Be sure they are clean and free of pesticides, dirt, and residue.
Cut the stem of the leaves so that it can fit properly in your breasts without even damaging the nipples.
Put the sterile, cold cabbage leaves in your breasts.
Now, you have to wrap the leaves around your breast, but make your nipples vulnerable.
should you maintain off the leaves of your nipples, then it is going to assist the skin around your nipples to remain dry and undamaged.
Leave the leaves for 20 minutes or till they get warm.
Eliminate them from the breasts.
Duplicate as required.
Ladies, this is essential that you remember — if you’re still breastfeeding and also you would like to use cabbage leaves to help reduce breast swelling and relieve breast engorgement, you ought to stop this therapy as soon as you see that your breasts feel better, and the swelling is gone.

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